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Victorian Wedding Gowns

Victorian wedding gowns are truly classic, romantic and timeless. Anything vintage is so trendy right now and what can be more vintage than Victorian wedding attire. They lend a certain air of elegance and romance to your day that nothing else can truly replicate.

Even if you don’t want to make your entire wedding theme Victorian, an antique wedding dress can fit in just fine by itself. More and more weddings today are becoming an eclectic combination of both modern and vintage.

Traditional Styled Victorian Wedding Gowns

The Victorian wedding gowns come in a variety of styles. You can find everything from lacy and delicate to a puffy ball gown. There are some typical characteristics to various Victorian gowns, such as puffed sleeves or a laced-up corset bodice, but there are also many exceptions. You can find Victorian A-line wedding dresses, long trains, no trains at all, mermaid style, high-neck, sweetheart or princess necklines, flowing sleeves, and much more. Lace is the most common denominator in most dresses of this type, but certainly not all.

If you like simple and classic, there are still plenty of vintage options for you. Most Victorian wedding gowns come in the basic white or ivory. Champagne, sepia and pale gold are also very vintage looking colors. However, colored wedding gowns are not unheard of, and many Victorian gowns incorporate color by using it in the lace, the embroidery, some ribbon trim, a sash, or other details. Orange blossoms were a particularly popular wedding accessory in colonial days. Many period pieces often include a velvet jacket or vest in a deep rich color.

Vintage Accessories

One of the best ways to add to your entire Victorian wedding day look is to accessorize. Simple items like gloves or a hanky can go a long way to giving you a spectacular vintage look. Another important accessory is the veil.

Popular Victorian headpieces include birdcage veils with simple fish-netting or a Spanish mantilla. The latter is where the veil is a large lace scarf that also serves as the train. An antique brooch, some vintage earrings or pearls would also be a fabulous addition to your overall Victorian attire. Nothing will bring that fantasy wedding alive like the Victorian wedding gowns.

Many girls dream of being a princess for a day complete with her prince and castle. To bring that vision of romance and fantasy alive, consider incorporating a beautiful dress into your big day.