Saturday , October 21st 2017
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Wedding Dress Preservation

What about Wedding Dress Preservation?

There are three popular ways, have it sealed, box it up, or put it in a bag.  There is a big difference.  Here’s how to select the choice of wedding dress preservation that’s right for you.

Most cleaners and dress companies promote acid-free boxes.  The idea is that fabrics and colors will be more stable in a neutral or acid-free environment.  These boxes usually have a window that you can look through, and the box has padding with acid-free tissue paper under and around your dress.

Acid-free wedding dress storage boxes are a common form of wedding dress preservation.

Acid free wedding dress storage boxes are a common form of wedding dress preservation.

If sealing is the way that you want to go, only deal with reputable companies.  There are a lot of “fake” acid-free materials out there.  A professional will only deal with reputable companies where the quality is assured.  Others but whatever is cheap, and the cheapest are often counterfeit.

Some companies will seal your dress in the box.  This is best for preservation, but it’s a nuisance if you just want to open it up for a look, or if you want someone else to try it on for a hand-me-down.

The next option for wedding dress preservation is just boxing it without the seal.  Keep in mind that, even if the dress box isn’t sealed, it’s packed away with thew special tissue between the folds to prevent wrinkles.  It may not be easy (or possible at all) to put it back the way it was.  Boxing without a seal gives better access to the dress, but may not preserve it as well.

The third option is to bag it up.  There are special garment bags made for keeping dresses.  Regular garment bags aren’t made for long term storage as the plastics aren’t stable enough.  Chemicals leaching from the bag can discolor or damage the fabric.

Better quality bags will protect the materials and let them breathe, and having your gown on a hanger minimizes wrinkles.  Most of the better bags come with a window too.

Whichever method you use, select a reputable shop.  This isn’t a do-it-yourself type project.  Your dress needs to be clean before putting it away.